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I was born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand. Surrounded by a family of devoted foodies and amazing, inspiring cooks, I developed an all-consuming love for food and cooking. 

Being a science geek, I trained as a chemical and materials engineer fueling my many hours of intense study with hot, flaky, delicious meat pies.  After moving to the San Francisco Bay Area, I felt a vast culinary emptiness in my life and realized what was missing was that warm and toasty feeling you got when you bit into a comforting, hearty, savory pie. 

After years of cooking for friends and family and long days wiled away perfecting Kiwi and Indian influenced pie recipes, I made a decision -
To hang up the lab coat and don the apron;
To stop mixing chemicals and start blending ingredients;
To introduce this pocket of delicious goodness to America;
It was time to make pies! ENJOY!

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