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all eyes on the pies
the humble new zealand pie
Synonymous with cafés, truck stops and the corner store all over NZ, the pie is an iconic kiwi culinary tradition.  This individual, hand-sized portable fare typically contains meat, vegetables and gravy enclosed in a shell of flaky pastry. 
We’ve stepped it up a notch!  While retaining kiwi authenticity, we’ve innovatively combined fresh, local ingredients, creating layers of flavor and deliciousness transforming the humble kiwi pie into a meal that is truly gourmet.

pie chart - the critical components
More than just a means of preventing the filling from leaking over your hands, it's an integral part of the pie experience.  We use an all-vegetarian puff pastry, perfectly baked to golden puffy goodness.
meat / vegetables

Having pastry on the outside can hide a multitude of sins, so pies have often been used as a way to serve up a cut of meat or mush of limp vegetables you couldn't get someone to eat any other way.  We only use fresh, naturally raised, lean cuts of meat and organic, locally sourced crisp vegetables cooked to pie perfection.

Gravy contributes much of the pie’s essence.  A modest amount of salt and pepper are all it takes to appeal to the masses, but we like to kick it up a notch using fresh organic herbs and exotic spices blended to create eye-popping flavor.
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